Sunday, June 19, 2011

June on the Farm

Happy Father's Day to Tom...LOL!  Our newest goat Cassie gave birth this morning while we were running errands in town.  We figured it was about time as Cassie was making a little more noise in the pond yard than usual.  When babies are born on the farm it's always exciting.  I never get tired or numb to the miracle of life on the farm.  It's always encouraging and a great sign when you see babies take to nursing right away.  We named this little cutie Roxie! That was before we learned later in the day it was a Billy.  So our baby's name is Rocky now.  This is our first goat born on the farm.

This was not the only new addition to the farm this week...we also HAD to buy a new tractor.  Now for those of you who read this and live on a farm you know what a gut wrenching feeling it is for a piece of equipment to go "down".  We had high hopes that a minor repair was all that was needed for our 16 year old tractor, but not the case.  So on my lunch hour last Monday, hubby picked me up and headed over to the Kubota dealer to take a look see.  Ladies, let me tell you that test driving a 70 HP Kubota tractor in high heels is not an easy thing to pull off!  I think I heard my hubby mumble the words "I think her tractor's sexy"....!  The salesman knew what features to sell me on.  Next day, this baby was ours!

We have had over 5 inches of rain this week.  The garden is exploding.  We have tomatoes coming in along with squash and bell peppers.  This is the prettiest crop of beans we've ever had.  Hope tomatoes and cukes are in by the time the farmily arrives on the 29th.  Can't wait to see our grandkids and nephews gathering eggs and picking veggies from the garden!!!  Guess it's time to break out Luke's egg basket again...LOL.
Too wet to get the tiller really working those weeds, guess that project will have to wait until next weekend.  It is such a wonderful blessing to see your garden blooming and know that canning time is right around the corner.  Happy Summer Y'all from Red Gate Farms!