Sunday, May 22, 2011

Red Gate Gal's Summer Glory

Oh, what a glorious feeling it is to realize that we are on the cusp of SUMMER!  The farm is always willing to give you small frequent blessings all year long.  But there is something special about the blessings that summer brings.

Meow, snoozing on cool concrete

I look at the brown crispy grass in the winter only to sigh at the lack of color and warm sunshine.  Then Spring brings the rain and the mud.  Oh the mud, it makes every chore harder and messier to complete.  Each week we watch the temperatures rise and wait for that one day that seals the dea....shorts and tank tops!
Welcome Cassie...

This weekend was one of the those weekends.  The weather was sunny and 85.  All of our farm critters were out and about strutting their stuff.  Within about 30 minutes I took all of the pictures I've posted today.  Including the one of Cassie the goat who is our newest addition to Red Gate Farms.

Cassie is pregnant and we are so hoping she waits until our family is here during July 4th week to deliver.  It will be our first goat born on the farm.

I also posted pictures of squash plants anxiously awaiting my husband to put them in the ground.  I hear canning lids popping in my future!

Hope everyone is enjoying summer as much as we are at Red Gate Farms.  The bluebird nest below was built in a birdhouse my husband and grandson constructed a few years ago.  Placement is everything.  We moved the box this year and this is our second round of blue bird eggs.  Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of babies soon.

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  1. I hope Cassie waits to have those babies too!! That would be so exciting!! We are counting the weeks up here in MD! The boys are looking forward to it and Luke brings it up at least once a week! I can't wait to just kick back and relax on the front porch and go on some TN adventures with you guys!! Love ya'll!!