Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Year In Review

It's been over a year since I have added a blog entry.  I have debated several times whether to keep this blog open or go ahead and close it.  I've learned over the years as with my journal writing, creativity comes and goes.  Life happens, mellows and drops you off a cliff sometimes.  You just roll with the punches. Needless to say, I decided to keep it open.

When I looked at the date of my last blog entry, it was one month before we took our grandson and great nephew to Colorado for their 13th birthday.  Little did I know, that trip would produce one of my greatest joys in life...Sophie (3/18/13).  As I am writing this, I watch her jumping in her Exersaucer stopping long enough to stare me down until I notice her.  I then receive the sweetest smile and she goes back to jumping and spinning again.

To say the last year has been a whirlwind of activities is an understatement.  I experienced the highs and lows of pregnancy and childbirth.  We completed our 2nd CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) season.  Red Gate Farm was featured in our local newspaper and allowed us to contribute an article titled "Healthy Connections to Our Food".  To top it all off, we built our dream home with the most amazing sunset view.  I guess I'll also add that I reached a milestone and turned the big "40" in September.  There, done...I said it...I'm 40! : )

I am looking forward to a slower pace year for 2014.  I am excited about watching our daughter grow and develop her own little personality.  Heaven help us all if she gets even a little of her Mom and Dad's type A!  We will be adding a chicken and beef option to our CSA season which is exciting.  These added options will allow our customers to not only receive produce from us, but eggs, poultry and beef. 
Hang in there with me this year as I try to get back to my blogging.  God is good and has blessed us beyond measure.  We know that we are nothing without his grace.  All that we have is his and we pray for him to give us the wisdom and tools to be good stewards of his gifts.
If you are in the Middle Tennessee area and would like to check out our farm, feel free to message me at dluipersbeck@msn.com.  Our CSA memberships sell out quickly each year.  We'd love to add you to the Red Gate Farm Family!




  1. Such a wonderful and amazing year for the Luipersbeck Family. Now go in there and update your profile here too MOM. Sophie is gorgeous and is one lucky little girl to have two such amazing parents. Red Gate is a beautiful example of what love and commitment to home and family can produce. Congratulations on all your success and I look forward to witnessing both the farm and Sophie as they continue to GROW in your nurture.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I do need to update my profile to include Miss Sophie. Hope you have a wonderful week!