Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out Julie Andrews!

Oh the things that make us happy!  Ever taken the time to write down your favorite things?  On days when I'm feeling down or the forecast shows no sun for days, I remind myself of the things that bring me joy.  Today was one of those days.  I have just returned from the doctor and was given a prescription for round 2 of antibiotics.  Z-Pack to fight a cold I've had since December 26th.  I battled wind and rain going into the pharmacy.  UGH!  Julie Andrews's performance in The Sound of Music is playing in my ear.  I am now in my PJ's with a warm blanket and thinking about a few of my favorite things.  A good exercise to make you smile.

Yellow roses
The first veggies that start to appear in the garden
Noticing a newborn calf in the field
Being moved by music
Receiving cards in the mail
My husband
Rocking on our front porch
Being a grandma
Making homemade bread
Watching the birds at our feeder
My friend Vickie
Wearing strappy sandals
Fly Fishing
Our Dogs
Walking in summer grass
Walking on the beach
Indigo Bunting's song
Conquering a fear
My "Sista"
The love of my family

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