Saturday, February 12, 2011


Okay Red Gate Gal's time to come clean.  I'm not feeling very encouraged this morning.  I sit here with coffee beside me and lap top in hand, but I am having a hard time coming up with an encouraging topic for my Saturday morning musings.

The last year has been tough on many fronts for hubby and I.  Some things I've shared with friends and family and other things I've kept within the safe confines of the farm.  It's been a year of change and a journey of self discovery on my part.  At times life has felt very frustrating and overwhelming.   Having a Type A personality and being a perfectionist is a sure fire recipe for disaster. name is Red Gate Gal and I am a perfectionist who cannot say NO, I have issues with setting boundaries and realistic expectations for myself.  I am learning that the person I have been creating these 37 years to meet the expectations of others may not be who I am really am.  It's been a long battle of fighting against this person who I've suppressed for many years.

This is a scary place to be...funny that I'm excited at the same time.  I know I'm not alone in this journey.  And that's the ENCOURAGEMENT I'll leave with you this morning.  God walks with us, although at times his footsteps are soft and quiet.  But he is there so willing to catch us with big arms of love when we just collaspe from exhaustion.  We forget this, we try to handle it on our own never wanting to trust him completely with our burdens.  I can't wait to see what this year brings and I'm a little lighter this morning.  Giving a little to GOD each day...but hey I'm a recovering Perfectionist...I can't give it all to him at once now can I???  LOL.


  1. You are not alone. At first I thought I might have written this! ;o) I'm not a type A...but I still expect a lot of myself. If you have a moment stop in at Rosehaven Cottage and the post of 1/29/11. Thanks for sharing your heart and bringing some encouragement to me today! God's Blessings to you! Mumsie

  2. This was a sweet post. I could have written this also. So, as Mumsie said, you're not alone. You not only have God with you every step of the way, but others are walking this road as well. The encouragement you chose to share here, encourage us too. So thanks for this post.

  3. I concur with the ladies above. It is a journey, one with constant changes, and sometime the road map the Lord gives, is hard to read, simply because it is well worn by those who have gone before us. That is an encouragement. A well trodden path, the footsteps of God, and the saints of old.

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  5. Hi Danielle, I agree, like is an journey. My sister made me a sign When I lost my son.
    " Life is a Journey - God Your Guide - Faith Your companion". Life is not perfect, but it is about dreams, hopes & faith. Glad you wanted one of my aprons. I know its not perfect, but we do our best & keep trying. Hugs, Grace

  6. Ladies-It is always encouraging to be reminded that we are never alone on the paths we take in life. Many have gone before us. I love your sign Grace. I'll have to get my husband to make one for as my daily reminder.

    Thanks for following this blog, it means you are walking this journey with me.