Sunday, March 20, 2011

Redgate Refuge

To say our house is smaller than most would be an understatement.  We live in a 1920's farmhouse.  I can't say that it's my ideal house, but it feels more like home than any other place I've lived.  About 6 years ago my job required that I travel extensively.  Mostly in the US, but I also spent a good bit of time in Mexico.  And the one thing that kept me going during that grueling travel schedule, was knowing that my little farmhouse would be waiting on me.  I would fantasize about sitting on the front porch with my husband drinking coffee and watching cows in the pond yard.  I could not wait to step off that plane and jump in my car to take I-40 home.

Over the years, our farm has been refuge for many animals.  When the recession began in 2008, we began to notice more and more dogs were being dropped off in the country.  Six of those lucky devils ended up finding a home at Redgate Farms.  I used to imagine that our 2 dogs would sneak down to the end of our lane and "coach" the strays on how to win us over. 

Then there was the arrival of our cat, Meow.  Neither my husband nor myself are "cat people" but this cat sat in our pasture for weeks and watched my husband work.  She gradually found her way to our porch and into our hearts.  She has now befriended our dog Izzy and likes to lay with her on Saturday mornings.

The farm has also been a refuge for friends in times of trouble.  Sometimes for weeks and other times just an overnight stay is all that is needed to heal.  Friends will visit during hunting season.  Family will vacation during the summer.  But there is one common thread upon leaving....they are changed.

I feel so blessed to have this farm.  It restores my soul and connects me to God through nature.  Whenever I am hurting, I grab my bible and start walking.  I find a rock where I can sit a spell with God.  I feel safe and warm in this old house.  The yard is usually cluttered with farm equipment.  There is always something that needs "fixin" or "mendin", but it's through the "fixin" and "mendin" that we are able to share this REFUGE with others.


  1. Wonderful post. What a blessing to be a place of refuge. That has always been a goal of mine, that my home would give respite and refreshment to all who pass through the door. I love how I also feel refreshed seeing others transform while in my care. God is amazing!

  2. Hi Red Gate Gal :)
    I love what you have said in your blog about your home. Sometimes the smaller things in life are better. Why be cluttered in your mind when simplicity can be alot more peacfull.
    Hey thanks for commenting on my blog, I am new to this and I didnt know how to comment back. I figured it out YAhooo!! LOL
    Please keep in touch your blog is inspirational
    Love Your Mary Jane Sister
    Tina :)