Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Calving Season

Growing up in Atlanta, I never dreamed as a little girl that I would live on a farm.  I am constantly amazed at the joy I receive from farm life.  One of my favorite times of year is calving season in the Spring.  God gives us special little surprises when we least expect them.

I never get tired of that spark of excitement when we discover a new calf in the pasture.  This past Sunday's events surpassed any birth that I've seen in the past 5 years.  I was sitting in our living room and see my husband shoot passed our storm door, arms waving in the air.  His words were barely audible as he went by.  The next thing I hear is the four wheeler firing up.  As I step outside to see what the commotion is, he tells me that our cow Baby has just had a calf.  He happen to look at the top of the hill of our farm and actually saw the calf drop.

I jumped on the back of the four wheeler and away we went.  Baby who is very used to us and the four wheeler was paying us no attention at all.  She was diligently cleaning the little calf and nudging it gently.  What an incredibly wonderful sight.  Now, many may think what happened next as silly, but I'm so thankful that I still get emotional from life's little miracles.

As I watched Baby and her calf, I began to feel incredibly privileged.  We shared these first few precious minutes of life with the universe.  Tears welled up in my eyes and my heart was filled.  We sat on that four wheeler cheering on this little guy as it tried to get up and stand with many failed attempts.  But finally he made it.

We are living in a time when we barely remember how we got from point A to point B while driving because we are so distracted with life's worries.  We live in the future always preparing for tomorrow.  We miss so much that is happening right in front of us.  Many are so stimulated by TV, cell phones and computers that it takes an act of God to excite us.  We keep a schedule that can make our heads spin most weeks.

But Sunday, we were there.  We were totally in the moment thinking of nothing else but the blessing of being able to experience God's miracle of life.  I hope that after reading this that you will not take for granted the joy of little blessings.  The everyday miracles that happen right in front of us.  Enjoy them and feel the emotion they create inside of you.


  1. We had sheep on the farm I grew up on, I miss lambing season. I miss being on a farm.

    It is amazing to see God's handiwork in something like calving. How much we take for granted.

  2. Julia- thanks for stopping by. Yes, the farm has a way of reminding us how precious life is. I grew up in the city and became a farmgirl, but I can't imagine living anywhere else now.

    Take Care-